The 8 Best Fireproof Safes to Buy in 2019

Best Overall: Garain Fireproof Digital Safe Box with Key
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If you’re looking for a good quality, reasonably-priced fire- and waterproof safe, this one from Garian is a great choice. The 8.43-pound item is perfectly sized for holding standard letter-size papers and important items like passports, USB flash drives, and small jewelry. It has two emergency override keys which will allow you to open it up if you forget the passcode or the batteries run out on the keypad. It can also be bolted to the floor with the included bolts for added security.

Reviewer’s love this safe because it is lightweight and easy to use. It’s a great option for those who want a basic safe that can hold up if a disaster strikes but don’t need a ton of space.

Best Compact: First Alert 2011F Fire Chest, 0.17 Cubic Foot
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Don’t have much space to keep a fire safe or only have a few important items in need of safe-keeping? This compact safe from First Alert has a capacity of 0.17 cubic feet and weighs just 14 pounds. It’s small but mighty when it comes to protecting your smaller important items such as USB drives, jewelry, and passports. It’s secure from burglars with a clamping-style lock and two keys, plus it can withstand fires with temperatures up to 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. The product comes with a five-year limited warranty.

People who have purchased this safe have said that even though it’s compact, it’s roomy enough to protect your important things such as electronic media and jewelry. One commented that it’s a sturdy product and another said that it’s very mobile—which can be a good thing if you need to grab it on your way out the door in an emergency, but bad if you’re using it to keep intruders out. In terms of critical reviews, one person said that when the safe is closed for an extended period of time, the documents in it feel moist. Another commented that you should keep a silica gel pack in there to keep your valuables from getting damp. But if you’re looking for a portable fire safe for short periods of time, this is a great choice.

Runner Up, Best Overall: First Alert 2030F Fire and Water Safe
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Here’s a secure safe that will keep your belongings protected from up to 1,550 degrees for 30 minutes. It’ll also keep everything dry even when fully submerged in water thanks to its waterproof seal. Locked with a special clamping-style latch and key, it’s also safe from burglars too. The box weighs a little less than 28 pounds and is designed to store 8-1/2-by-11-Inch, letter-sized documents and hold them flat, so if you’re hoping to store some bigger objects, you’ll want to go with a different product.

What makes this so great? Customers have raved about the excellent construction on it as well as the price. One thing to note is that the manufacturer says you should place documents in an airtight dishwasher-safe container prior to putting them in the safe, plus you should also air out the safe every two weeks to prevent mold. If this sounds like too much work, you might want to consider another more expensive one, but most customers who reviewed the product were okay with this extra step.

Runner Up, Best Compact: SentrySafe 500 Fire Safe Box
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Here’s another great option for a compact fire safe. Its interior dimensions measure 3 3/4″H x 9 23/32″W x 7 9/32″D which fits things like jewelry, passports, USB drives, and memory sticks well. The box can withstand heat up to 1,500 degrees for half an hour, but is easily portable as it only weighs 11.6 pounds. There’s a privacy key lock for extra security.     

The majority of those who have this box like it. Some did find that it’s not exactly air tight, and others warned that the lock seems like it can be easily picked, but those who were happy with their purchase found it to be sturdy and of good quality. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive lock box that is fire safe, this is a good option.

Best With Alarm: SentrySafe Water and Fire Resistant Safe with Alarm
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If a thief attempts to get your goods, this safe is going to let it be known loud and clear. It’s equipped with an alarm that will blast sound if someone attempts to pry it open. It also has four large bolts, hardware to bolt it down, and there’s a hidden keypad, so there are hurdles no matter which way they turn.

This safe is built to withstand the elements too. It’s been verified by a third party to be fire resistant for up to an hour in heat of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, to withstand being dropped from 15 feet and to be water resistant in up to 8 inches of water for 24 hours. It measures 17.8 x 16.3 x 19.3 inches, and there’s 1.23 cubic feet of space inside.

Customers give this safe high marks, noting its roomy interior and alarm feature. Some, however, have voiced concern that the inside shelf isn’t as sturdy as they’d like it to be.

Best Budget: Honeywell 6104 Fire Resistant Steel Security Box
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If you’re looking for a good fire safe that will protect your things but don’t have the funds to invest in a high-end one just yet, there are plenty of budget ones on the market. This one from Honeywell features fire-resistant insulation in a double steel wall construction. This safe is on the small side, but also big enough to store your important things like passports or cell phone. It comes with two entry keys and is backed by a three-year limited warranty.

People who have this safe in their homes are mostly satisfied with its value and quality. One said it comes exactly as advertised and likes that it’s lightweight but still secure enough to store valuables. One major gripe among those who left critical reviews was that it’s too small for letter-size documents unless they are folded up. So, if you’re planning to use this for legal papers, it’s probably not the best one for your needs, but if you need it for miscellaneous things like jewelry, passports, and photos, this should do the trick.

Best Large Capacity: SentrySafe SFW205CWB Water-Resistant Combination Safe
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Need a larger fire safe to hold more items? This one from SentrySafe has an extra-large capacity compared to most of the others on the market. It weighs 138 pounds and measures more than 1½ feet on each side. It’s perfect for holding different items such as books, photo albums, and cameras. It is built to protect your belongings from fire and floods as well as burglars thanks to its combination lock, pry-resistant hinge bar, and six one-inch bolts. There’s also an organizer and tray inside to help keep your smaller items organized.

The word “solid” is used to describe this product by some of the reviewers. Many also praised its storage capacity with one noting that its two cubic feet of storage offers plenty of room. Some have had issues with the lock and handle not working well or easily breaking, but others have said that it’s a sturdy item. If you’re looking for something roomy that will protect your belongings from fire, this should get the job done.

Best Heavy-Duty: 2 Hr Fireproof Home Safe
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Your valuables can’t get much safer than in this safe from Hollon. In fact, when it comes to fire protection, it boasts 100 percent more fire protection than most safes on the market (proven to withstand temperatures up 1850 degrees Fahrenheit  for two hours). It’s also been tested to withstand drops of up to 30 feet, and a groove door seal has been shown to keep water out, even the blast of a fireman’s hose. Basically, this is one tough safe.

Made of steel with a concrete base, it’s also built to keep thieves out. It has a dial lock, and comes with hardware that lets you bolt it down. The safe measures 16.5 x 14 x 12.12 inches, and there’s .94 cubic feet of space inside.

Customers say it’s a good, solid safe, especially for the relatively low price, though some reported dents in the safe from shipping.

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