Homak Gun Safes Review: Does Homak Deserve A Second Look?

You do not just shoot an investment for a new Homak gun safe without a clear sight of what you are buying. Sure, you may have inherited your grandfather’s twenty-two. Or perhaps, you have a gun collection in your basement, or you simply bought a gun for protection.

Whatever the reasons as a gun owner you need quality.

The Three Undeniable Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

  1. Your gun is an investment just like a car, a home or a new Smartphone, so protecting it from damage or theft may be worth it, isn’t it?
  2. To have a safe is to protect your family. You may have your kid trained in a hunter’s course, but his friends might not have been. If you want to keep your gun out of your kid’s reach, have it stored in a safe.
  3. Some safes are built-in with storage options for business documents, jewelries and even last wills. To protect them and your guns, Homak can be a top choice.

We continue our analysis of the Homak product line to help you make an informed and better decision.

Homak Gun Safes: The Maker Overview

Founded by Sigmund H. Danziger in 1947, the company’s original mission was to sell steel kitchen cabinets, but later in the sixties, it has ventured out and expanded to offer toolboxes and cabinets, among others.

When Sigmund died in 1979, Gertrude, his wife, managed the company and expanded further to offer automotive and sporting goods.

Later in 2005, JVA Corporation acquired Homak and move its headquartere to Wampum Underground Commerce Center, Pennsylvania.

Homak’s evolution continued into gun cabinets and security storages. Those include parts and tools organizers, handy toolboxes and storage cabinets, among others. Expanding further, Homak started offering resilient and quality gun cabinets, safes, ammunition storage accessories, and boxes as well.

Of all the developments that the company has gone through over the years, still its main mission is to focus on the dependability and strength of its products.

The Benefits—Safety, Security and Peace of Mind of a Homak .

While Homak is known for making durable and quality products, they are best known for handgun safes or pistol boxes, which are best designed for easy and quick access.

They offer a wide range of products—with combination lock or with electronic lock and are valued from $500-$1,500 (**Price range vary from seller to seller and can change without notification. Compare before buying).

Based from reviews, Homak safes are very accessible, durable and high quality. You can also check out and compare consumer feedback online. Generally, these safes receive 4.5 out of 5 in ratings.

Homak complies with safety and security functions because consumers can choose between fire resistant and non-fire resistant, mechanical and electronic and combination lock, keypad lock or electronic lock models.

In terms of peace of mind, Homak safes also keep up because they also offer warranty in most of their products and all equipment is factory-tested and DOJ-compliant safes.

Homak Model Selection: Fire-Resistant/Non-Fire Resistant Safes

1. Homak Electronic or Mechanical Fire Resistant Safe

  • Powder Coat Finish
  • High-security combination lock or electronic keypad
  • Fire-resistant
  • Carpet-lined interior
  • Manual override key
  • Fully-adjustable shelves with clips
  • 2 mm steel thickness of sides, door and back
  • 2.5 mm top and bottom steel thickness
  • An highly adjustable 16-gun, 24-gun or 36-gun barrel-rest
  • A 4-way lock system including 5-live action bolt for locking or a 7-live action bolt
  • USB entries available for electronic models
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 1400 degrees F– externally; 350 F degrees internally

2. Homak Non-Fire Rated Electronic & Mechanical Safe

  • A high security combination lock or electronic key pad
  • >Electronic models: Retractable USB entry and manual override keys
  • 2-mm thickness of the steel component
  • Two external hinges secure safe to door frame/li>
  • 2-way lock system including three live action lock bolts & three stationary bolts
  • A carpet lined interior
  • Adjustable height shelf (with hardware)
  • Fully adjustable 12-gun or 16-gun barrel rest
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Department of Justice Certified

Homak Specification

Many Homak gun safes come with five-year limited warranty, so no need to worry if you need support or if something goes wrong with your safe. In addition, Homak offers fire-retardant, carpet-lined interior, adjustable shelves with clips included and an adjustable barrel rest while the electronic models have a 4-way lock system and live action locking bolts and a retractable USB entry for the lock system. Mechanical models offer a 2-way lock system and feature both a live and stationary-action bolts.

12-Gun Non-Fire Model

  • Length: 17 ½ inches
  • Width: 16 inches
  • Height: 59 inches

16-Gun Non-Fire Model

  • Length: 20 1/8 inches
  • Width: 20 3/4 inches
  • Height: 59 inches

24-Gun FIRE RATED Model

  • Length: 22 7/8 inches
  • Width: 26 ¾ inches
  • Height 59 1/8 inches

36-Gun FIRE RATED Model

  • Width: 35 1/8 inches
  • Length: 26 ¾ inches
  • Height: 59 1/8 inches

Should You Get a Homak Product?

Based from accessibility, convenience, durability and quality features, Homak, again, has proven its well-established reputation in the industry. Consumers—hunters, sporting enthusiasts, gun collectors and everyone, may want to give a second look at Homak gun cabinets and safes. These products receive high ratings and positive feedback from many owners.

Definitely, you may want to find out yourself, but be sure to pick up the right model that suits your budget, demand and feature requirements. If you need some help, you may also contact a reputable seller that can be there to provide an advice or guidance.

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