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Contact Us is a for-profit company based in the United Kingdom. This company provides a resource to help affiliate marketers in every aspect of affiliate marketing. The website offers free information on how to generate sales and market your products, how to do pay per click advertising, how to develop email lists, what the “Top Sellers” are, and how to create an auto-responder. Contact Us has a well put together and informative site, and they keep it updated regularly to keep everyone up to date with what the company is doing.

If you are in the affiliate program, you should be familiar with the contract. You will agree to pay a minimum set of charges to the affiliate network (i.e., ClickBank). These charges will include monthly fees to your control panel (e.g.

See, this is how it is; it’s Not the Affiliate Network’s Business. Contact Us offers the first step in establishing yourself as an affiliate marketer. Another reason to use them is that they provide support for all new and experienced affiliates alike. Also, contact our team makes it easy for you to get information about any changes to the Affiliate Program from this point forward. They are very good at what they do, and the customer service that they provide is excellent.

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