The 6 Best Air Pistols of 2019 Reviewed & Revealed ( Hands-on Pellet Pistol Guide )

It’s cold out, fall is giving way to winter, but you are up and at it. Armed with your best pellet pistol you’ve woken up early this morning prepared to come home with a rabbit or bust.   As the cold sets in you can’t wait to get back, grab a cup of coffee and start […]

Top 10 Best Gun Cleaning Kits Reviews in 2019

For your gun, rifle, shotgun, or pistol to operate seamlessly, it needs to be very clean inside. Exposure to the elements, dust, moisture, gunpowder, oils, sweat, and other compounds will affect the responsiveness of the gun or trigger mechanism. Yes, you will have a perfect aim but the bullet will be slightly off. Usually, this […]

Best Ear Protection For Shooting – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2019)

There are several types and styles of earmuff protection available to shooters. You may be thinking, “But, where do I start?” Let’s try to find the best ear protection for shooting. Most firearm calibers fire at 140 decibels or more, so protection is necessary. If you spend a lot of time at the range, choose electronic earmuffs. On the […]

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Homak Gun Safes Review: Does Homak Deserve A Second Look?

You do not just shoot an investment for a new Homak gun safe without a clear sight of what you are buying. Sure, you may have inherited your grandfather’s twenty-two. Or perhaps, you have a gun collection in your basement, or you simply bought a gun for protection. Whatever the reasons as a gun owner you need […]